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Vacation rental news, our thoughts on the industry, and the latest hacks to make your vacation rental business maximum profits.

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If you are a member of and have not visited in a while...we are updating the site. Sorry you didn't get the news, but the fresh build is to introduce our new online products. Welcome back...enjoy the new digs!

Brad & Pam Moncado

Brad's passions are his family, growing and operating his vacation rental business, and educating real estate investors in the art of creating passive income from vacation rentals.

Live Boot Camps

Roll up your sleeves for hands-on training and project-based learning from full-time Vacation Rental owners, managers, bankers, attorneys, insurance professionals and more. These three day events, led by Brad Moncado, answer all your questions and prepare you to launch your business fast. Watch for the schedule!

Looking forward to our 2023 participants coming October 27, 28, & 29!  Let's Do This!

Vacation Rental Masterclass

This play by play course will grow to be everything you need to start making money with vacation rentals. Learn to analyze your market, buy profitable properties, master the marketing platforms, and manage with minimal effort to create massive passive income. Additional topics will be added on a regular basis.

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Get the Masterclass

Start building true passive income with this step by step plan to create your own Vacation Rental business today!


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