Enjoying the LIVE Airbnb QnA with Brian

airbnb Nov 30, 2017

It is amazing how a crazy idea almost 10 years ago turned into the incredible company that airbnb is today.  It has been essential in changing my life, as my real estate business went from quick flips and holding long term properties, to offering short term vacation nightly rental properties that bring in so much more passive income.  

One question Brian answered was about the difficulty of reaching airbnb customer service as a traveler and/or a host.  His answer really made me stop and think about how fast my personal business has changed.  The answer to the question Brian gave was that they grew so fast they couldn't get office space, hire people, and train people fast enough to have a good customer service experience at the same lightening speed that the company was growing at, and they still are not where they desire to be.

So my thought ... what if airbnb held back with their business model and growth until they could handle the pace?  Where would airbnb be now?

What are you holding business back on in your business?  I hope the answer is NOTHING!  

-Brad :-)

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